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Friday, December 4, 2009

Allison Weiss - Was Right All Along

One of the reasons I like Allison Weiss so much is because she is a 100% do it yourself artist. She manages herself, makes her own videos, writes her own music, and designs her own website and merchandise. I have a lot of respect for her perseverance which is equally matched by some amazing talent. In addition she manages to record and tour while still being a college student and she's uber dedicated to her fans. Miss Weiss does an amazing job of interacting with her fans via social networking sites, live chat, and even with live video performances.

Was Right All Along (out November 24, 2009) marks her first release with a full band accompaniment and it's a nice transition from her previous solo acoustic work. Funded with donations from fans via this album is a nice mix of honest, heartfelt lyrics and solid guitar. The lead track I Was An Island is a nice acoustic setup for an album that manages to seamlessly blend heartache with catchy melodies that make it impossible not to tap your foot.

I was instantly attracted to Fingers Crossed (which at times reminds me of The Cure's Lovesong) and I've had You+Me+Alcohol in my head so many times in the last week that I've decided it's downright infectious. On my personal favorite track July 25, 2007 she manages to pretty much break my heart with her words and for some reason, I like that. "But it's all good, cause I'm no good, and believe me, you don't need me. It's a big world and I'm old news to you."

Fans of female indie rock like Tegan and Sara, Jenny Lewis, and Jenny Owen Youngs will be particularly smitten with this album but the relatable lyrics make it an easy recommendation to anyone.

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