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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Bravery - Stir The Blood

When The Bravery released their second album The Sun And The Moon I really wanted to like it. I liked their previous self titled LP and was hoping for something similar. It ended up being pretty far from similar, somewhat abandoning the synth-infused dance beats for guitars. I was not a fan of the change and was leery about picking up their new disc Stir The Blood.

In their third endeavor they've reverted to their original style electro-rock and the music isn't bad. I found myself reminded of a mix of Orgy and older New Order. The more upbeat tracks got me to move my head a bit. Unfortunately, that's where my praise of the album ends.

The lyrics are mostly just odd and uninspiring. At times the phrasing is down right misogynistic, I didn't really find anything of value here and at times front man Sam Endicott made me feel uncomfortable by what I was hearing. In the tracks I Want To Be Your Skin, Hatefuck, and She's So Bendable in particular.

For a band that consistently claims to be something original I don't think they have done anything remarkable here. By the time I got to the closing track Sugarpill the monotony of the songs was weighing heavy and I felt like I had been listening for much longer then I had. Which is too bad because it was the track I liked most on the album. It's got a Velvet Underground feel that I found myself fond of.

If you're thinking about purchasing this album I would pass on it. The lead single Slow Poison was a good choice, and fans of their first album will be happy to know that this is much more reminiscent of older work. I still feel like it falls a little flat.

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