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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jose Vanders - Literature Lovers

Literature Lovers is the third EP from Jose (pronounced Jo-Sea) Vanders and she just keeps getting better. Vanders gained some notoriety in late 2007 when Perez Hilton featured her on his blog but I hadn’t heard much about her in the states after that. I was pleased to find out two weeks ago that she had an upcoming 8 track release.

The lead track These Times instantly made me feel good. With her cheery light piano Vanders hooked me in and didn’t let go. I was completely amazed to find out that she is only 19, her voice and piano playing are strong and her lyrics have the maturity of someone much older.

I’m generally a big fan of females who sing with an English accent. Kate Nash and Lilly Allen are two of my favorites and Jose reminds me of them while still managing to stand out as a promising individual.

She channels Kate Nash particularly strong in the ballad Man On Wire.

In Fear Of… her voice reminds me a little bit of Julia Stone (Angus & Julia Stone) whom I adore. Also, anyone who uses elipses in a title is okay by me.

The catchiest track is probably The Numbers Game, but I would listen to the disc in order since Jose herself has said that's how she feels music should be heard. I agree with her there, sometimes the order of tracks is as important as the melodies themselves.

I can honestly say I liked every track on this album very much. It's perfect for fans of female singer-songwriters and well worth the money.

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