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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster

Initially I was worried that The Fame Monster would be a lackluster duplication of 2007's The Fame. There's no doubt that there is a cloud of hype surrounding Gaga that causes extra scrutiny of her work. I heard the album's first single and lead track Bad Romance when the video debuted in early November. Since then I have been eagerly awaiting the full release of Lady Gaga's sophomore endeavor. Not only do I think the video is visually stunning but the song itself is nothing short of amazing.

Lady Gaga is one of the few recording artists that is really living up to the iconic personality she's created.

Alejandro gives us a glimpse into the theatrics that are becoming synonymous with her name. It's mysterious and dark while being reminiscent of both Ace of Base and Madonna.

I appreciate the irony of Monster, it manages to seamlessly blend disturbing mental images with a bubbly pop presence.

Popping up on the album at the perfect time is the brilliant pop ballad Speechless. After hearing some of her acoustic work there's no doubt in my mind that Gaga can sing and it was refreshing to hear her get a chance to really show how versatile her vocals are.

My personal album favorite Dance In The Dark somehow manages to tackle deeply serious issues like female body issues, starlet suicide, and tabloid notoriety while still giving me an irresistible urge to dance.

Telephone is truly a stunning superstar duet, I was leery about it after their previous collaboration on Beyonce's Videophone but my worries were squelched instantly. This song is everything a pairing of this magnitude should be. The only thing that could have made me like the track more is if I hadn't already heard at least one single from each of their albums every day for the past year.

The last two tracks on the album didn't stand out for me as much as the previous six, I actually feel that while Teeth is a good song it's completely out of place on this album. That being said it's odd enough that I'm not sure where it does fit.

The album came late in the year and wasn't on my initial 2009 Top Ten list, however it has easily wormed it's way into my brain and it very may well be the best pop album of the year. One thing is for sure, this release has solidified her into pop icon status.

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