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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Priscilla Renea - Jukebox

21 year old Priscilla Renea has done what millions of Youtube hopefuls dream of. Getting her start by posting videos of herself singing in her Florida bedroom she quickly gained a significant following. This led to a record deal with Capitol and the release of her first album Jukebox. After hearing some hype about this soul pop ingenue I began following her channel and watching her older videos. It's really cool to be able to look back and see how she has developed as an artist.

Renea is fortunate to have some pretty outstanding and influential people on her team. Jukebox contributers include Atlanta-based production team Power Entertainment (T.I., Ludacris), Brian Kidd (Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, Nappy Roots), and legendary Danish duo Soulshock & Karlin (Madonna, Seal, Whitney Houston, Keyshia Cole).

The majority of her songs stress the importance of female empowerment without coming on too strong. Lead single Dollhouse is a stellar example of this accompanied by a super cute video in which Priscilla plays a real life doll with an unappreciative boyfriend.

Joining in homage to the girl power theme are Pretty Girl and Fixing My Hair, the latter explained by a personal story of Priscilla's which can be read on her blog.

My favorite track on the album is Rockabye Baby a hip-hop infused tale about the obstacles of an unplanned pregnancy that works surprisingly well.

Bacon 'N Eggs is a real foot tapper about a roving male. The addition of light piano in this tune really adds something different then anything else in the genre. As a whole Jukebox is an endearing, eclectic mix with plenty of single potential.

I really enjoy the simplicity of this album. That's not to say that it's unintelligent. Renea shows real promise as a singer/songwriter which in my opinion is a rare find in twenty something pop/R&B artists.

Already getting noticed as an MTV Discover and Download artist, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her in the future.

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