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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artist To Watch - Lucy Schwartz

I came across Lucy Schwartz a short while ago while browsing some new artists featured in television shows. I think one of her songs was used on Private Practice. I listened to everything I could find by her and I'm impressed so far.

She has a habit for pairing melancholy lyrics with upbeat melodies and says she likes to "mix both sides of the spectrum.” She is already quite accomplished at the mere age of 20 with songs appearing on the television shows Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy and the films Post Grad and The Women. Lucy is currently working on a full length album with Mitchell Froom producing.

Right off the bat she got cool points with me for being named Lucy :)

Seriously though, she just released an EP on the 26th called Help Me! Help Me! and it's really catchy. Onboard are producers Mitchell Froom (Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Coconut Records), Barrie Maguire (The Wallflowers, Amos Lee), and d.Fly Schwartz (Arrested Development, Deadwood).

Here is a sample from her first album, which she recorded when she was only 16!

Albums and songs both old and new can be purchased on iTunes and CD Baby with links on her Myspace, where you can also hear some songs of the new EP.

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