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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artist To Watch - Marit Larsen

I am LOVING this Norwegian songstress.

Not only is her music fun and infectious but I love the way she feels about music. She posted this on her Myspace and I had to re-post it because I feel the same way about music.
I've always been obsessed with music. Most of my memories, good and bad, have their own soundtrack (which is, by the way, by far the best thing about music). This is what does it for me: A song can remind you what it's like being in love. It can even make you fall in love. The right song can mend you, break your heart, and, well, change your life. I know there is a tremendously long list of songs that have changed mine. I'll probably be struggling to write change-your-life-forever-tunes the rest of my life.

She reminds me a lot of Lenka who was one of my favorite new artists in 2009, I'm sad I didn't find this girl sooner, but I am really looking forward to hearing something new from her. Her album isn't available in the US yet, but you can find her on iTunes.

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