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Monday, January 25, 2010

Jenny Owen Youngs & Jukebox The Ghost @ Public Assembly

I had the pleasure of attending Shervin Laniez's photo book release party at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on January 22nd.

The event was paired with the one year anniversary of The Young and the Hungry. I had a really great time there, and was happy I was able to attend. Shervin's book turned out very well and I highly recommend checking out his work, I'm certain we will see him continue to create great things in the future.

Near the end of the evening musical guests Jenny Owen Youngs and Jukebox The Ghost took the stage. Having seen this duo take the stage at The Bowery Ballroom in May of 2009 it was a bit like a reunion show for me. They didn't really perform individual sets they just kind of played a mishmash of their work. It was a little rough at times but for being unpracticed it was really quite remarkable.

Jukebox took the stage first. I am not nearly as familiar with their songs as I would like to be. The opener was a really energetic tune that made me feel like dancing. I think Ben may have sang something along the lines of "In the summer of my 27th year." They followed it with a song I can only describe as a sort of rock lullaby that I really enjoyed but again am not familiar with. The only lyrics I caught were "drip by drip". If anyone has some insight on the Jukebox songs please let me know!

After that Jenny Owen Youngs, Chris Kuffner, and Elliot Jacobson joined the stage and played Last Person. It was a little faster tempo then normal, and Jenny was a little more screamy then I'm used to but it was pretty awesome sounding, and she looked totally punk rock. They then played Hold It In, a Jukebox song. At one point I think Chris mouthed to Jenny, "I've never played this before." It was pretty hysterical but everyone was having fun.

After that Dan Romer came up to play key for Nighty Night and Ben from Jukebox did vocals while Jenny played guitar. Surprisingly I loved this version. At one point before the second verse I think Jenny had to whisper some lyrics to Ben but it was actually pretty endearing and I really wish I had a recording of this.

After that Jenny took back the mic and Dan and Elliot moved to tambourines. They played another Jukebox song Good Day, at one point I looked up at the stage, at the performers there smiling and having a wonderful time and I thought to myself, "Wow. These are people who just genuinely love music." It was refreshing to see them just having fun and being in the moment. After that they played a Jukebox song I didn't recognize, something about dreaming every time I sleep.

They closed out the performance with an amazing cover of New Order's Temptation which was fantastic. If you haven't heard the Jukebox version of this song it's on their Myspace page and I think you can get it on Itunes.

I loved every minute of this performance. I can't wait to see Jenny again during the Spring Break Tour with Allison Weiss and Bess Rogers.

More pictures.

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