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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Artist To Watch - Freelance Whales

I only first heard of the Freelance Whales in the last few weeks. They seem to have gotten a lot of buzz in the British music industry but have remained kind of under the radar in the US until the last six months or so. I find that surprising since the band hails from New York.

They are frequently being compared to Owl City which makes me cringe because I have not been at all impressed with their most recent album. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the music and like most people find it very similar to The Postal Service, whom I love. My problem with Owl City are their lyrics which are just not very good.

Thankfully I have not seen the same lyrical mishaps from Freelance Whales and that's a good thing, because it gives me a new band to listen to that actually DO remind me of The Postal Service. Particularly on the song Starring which you can find on their Myspace.

Their album Weathervanes is being released on April 13th from French Kiss / Mom and Pop Records. It's a re-release of the album which was originally self-released. I see them headed in a positive direction and I am certainly keeping an eye on them from now on.

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