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Sunday, March 7, 2010

St. Vincent & Andrew Bird - Black Rainbow

This is really stunning, and the story behind the video is pretty cool too.

It was an evening in which there was one of those moments when the situation escapes us, where the artists take the wheel, and give more than what we would have dared to ask. We had tried to push St Vincent and Andrew Bird to play a piece together, they had spoken vaguely about a rendition of Dylan. Then Annie arrived and Andrew, who was supposed to leave, remained. He sat down at the other end of the piano, his violin in hand, and improvised on each of Annie's compositions. At that moment, we were not organizing a concert within a special framework, we assisted.. jellyfishes..of pure creation.. in charming duel.

Some weeks later, Andrew Bird announced that St Vincent would [be opening act for his United States tour]. In Paris, some lucky devils knew where they had met

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This pairing is a beautiful match-up and the result is what happens when you pair amazing musicians together and just let them play music.

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