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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Bird and the Bee - Interpreting the Masters Vol. 1

Can I just say... I LOVE THIS ALBUM!

I grew up listening to Hall & Oats and to hear them redone with the sort of indie pop melodies I have grown to love from The Bird & The Bee is really awesome.

They stuck to classic H & O without throwing in many tracks that were not big hits for the original artists. I am really growing to adore their covers. Their version of I'm Into Something Good from the Valentine's Day soundtrack has been really heavy in my rotation recently.

Even if you're not a fan of Hall & Oats this is worth checking out! You can get the CD on Amazon or download it from iTunes. The iTunes link is also featuring the originals presented in the same order as the B&B album.

I'm also pretty stoked that this says Volume 1, leading me to believe that they intend to produce more of these interpretation discs. I hope so, seriously loving this.

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