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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine

This duet is so beautiful. I think I watched this video like 20 times today. I don't think I can describe it better then a YouTube commenter already has...

wild7card7 Firstly I must say, beautiful.
My thoughts on this differ then the few I have read. I feel this song and video are speaking to the trials and tribulations, the struggles and strengths and the intensity of love. We don't chose who we love - that pull - that draw can be so strong - so overwhelming that you feel it's beyond your control. Love can be tough. It can make your heart ache and it can make your heart sing. This song to me is a representation of the painfully beautiful elements of love. 4 days ago
TheCivilWars (uploader) LOVE this response. Thank you! 3 days ago

Then I downloaded their EP on iTunes... All of the songs are really good and I highly recommend it.

Also they have a live album available for free download on their Myspace.

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